I go by the name of Joey. It's not my real name but I figured it'd be something better to go by. I've been a cosplayer of 8 years
(Started when I was 14) and still going on with the passion!

I am currently enjoying this cosplay experience with my best friend Suzaku! Go check out his page at xsuzakuxxcosplay!

I hope you enjoy sifting through my blog and that anything you see inspires you guys ! I'm willing to answer any if most asks that come my way about my work and more

Con season is currently over for me.

"You Missed A Spot: An Eren Levi Cleaning experience."

Acen 2014

xsuzakuxxcosplay as Eren
joeykuncosplay as Levi

Photos taken by

diickprince  8last0i5e , marcos-missing-right-side, the-danger-of-starting-a-fire (There are a few unlisted so please forgive me)